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the [ spheric lounge ] is a [ live ambient music ] project. an open circle of musicians, video artists and dancers meets from time to time in munich / germany to do live ambient sessions. improvised ambient music, creative visuals and improvised dance melt into a dense atmosphere. the style [ live ambient music ] serves as a musical frame. ambient is a strongly sound-oriented music - rhythm, harmony, melody and singing appear secondarily as sound events without being durably dominant - sound remains the main object. it is the nature of ambient music to stay in the background. a detailed audio and video documentation of these events is an important part of the [ spheric lounge concept ]. the [ spheric lounge ] wants to be as transparent as possible for the global [ live ambient scene ]. every session gets recorded, a postproduction process follows and titles are published under a creative commons licence. within 9 years we have published 500 titles - which is approximately 70 hours of music. we do not make money, we enjoy making music. it is all about the fun of common improvisation and to dive into a fascinating, creative flow. but in the long run it is also important to improve every aspect of the project and to do so in an creative excange with other [ live ambient ] projects. questions? ask enzo.

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